Industry overview
Trend of automotive industry

The global automobile industry is in a period of deep transformation. With the accelerated process of green, electric, intelligent, network connection and sharing development, Chinese automobiles are gradually entering the period of structural adjustment, and the automobile market is undergoing great changes. Hence, automobile manufacturers and upstream and downstream enterprises of automobile industry chain are actively exploring how to boost business innovation by cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G and other technologies.

  • Business innovation: digitization
    Actively explore and apply intelligent driving and digital cockpit technology to upgrade travel experience
  • Service transformation: integration
    Continuously improve customer experience and strengthen customer stickiness by car networking, travel service, after-sale service of automobile, etc , and promote the transformation of automobile enterprise from “pure seller” to “mobility service provider”
  • Marketing management: Omni-channel and intelligence
    Accurately analyze target customers with their portraits and adopt e-commerce model to realize the digitization of automobile marketing and improve marketing efficiency and automobile sales
  • R&D design: Agility and collaboration
    Greatly reduce R&D cost of new vehicles and shorten vehicle launch cycle through multi-regional collaborative research and development, simulation design, etc